Excite Energy LLC

Welcome to Excite Energy LLC!

Excite Energy LLC is a registered aggregator in the state of Texas. We make the process of saving money on your power bill simple and seamless!

What is aggregation?

Aggregation occurs when a group of customers is joined together to present power load as a group, leveraging buying power and thereby securing better rates and contract terms than individual members could procure on their own.

What is an aggregator?

Aggregators are registered businesses that bring customers together to seek better deals than customers could get on their own.  Aggregators work with members and negotiate for them to obtain the best deal possible. Registered aggregators are also power brokers and consultants. By choosing Excite Energy LLC as your aggregator, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands, accessing the most competitive energy rates available in the Texas market!

What should businesses do to secure the best contract rates, terms and conditions possible?

Understanding their electric usage and budget needs are a great place to start. In choosing Excite Energy LLC, you allow us to analyze your data and aggressivly negotiate on your behalf using our industry connections and retail energy provider relationships.


What Excite Energy LLC does for you!

We offer you superior customer service and communication dedicated to your success. We have an experienced broker team skilled at negotiating the best power rates. We are focused on partnership and collaboration for long term goals and savings.


Are you interested in ensuring your business is receiving maximum savings in the Texas energy market? Would you like to play an active role in your company’s energy strategy with the assistance of experienced energy management professionals? How about maximizing membership and association income by providing custom energy savings to members? We are the answer, and we want to help!

How does the process work?

Excite Energy LLC will set up a target electricity price based on analysis of your annual usage and other factors. Using this target rate, Power Brokers will monitor the market to identify competitive pricing opportunities. Once an opportunity is identified, Power Brokers will supply your company or association with a proposed contract structure and rate. There will be no interuption of your service, and savings in your pocket. In order to access your data and negotiate, Excite Energy LLC will need permission. We supply all the forms that you will need to complete as a packet of information.

How to contract with Excite Energy, LLC

After contacting us, we send you an information packet that includes:

  1. Customer Information Form and designation of representative

The form shares company information with Excite Energy LLC  and authorizes Excite Energy LLC to act as an exclusive broker or aggregator for your company, association or chamber.

The designated representative serves as the primary point of contact for Excite Energy LLC,  and will be invited to participate on conference calls where decisions that impact businesses or members are discussed.   Your representative will be consulted prior to any decisions being made.

2. Letter of Authorization

The Letter of Authorization designates the facilities for which Excite Energy LLC is authorized to obtain electricity and usage information from any other agency or authority such as any Retail Electric Provider or Transmission and Distribution System Provider.

To connect with an aggregator specialist, please email membersupport@exciteenergyllc.com or call 1-888-336-8128

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Photon Energy Corp - Corporate Energy Solutions
Photon Energy Corp - Corporate Energy Solutions
Photon Energy Corp - Corporate Energy Solutions
* PUCT Registration # 80442 Excite Energy LLC is a subsidiary of Photon Energy Corp