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Our goal is to facilitate cost savings for your company while promoting green and renewable energy.

How does REP Choice Work?

Energy Choice is your ability as a consumer to choose an energy supplier that best suits your needs for supply and reduced costs in a deregulated market. Just because you may have been with your current retail energy provider for a period of time, doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you and your organization.

Why Photon Energy Corporation?

Photon Energy Corp has in-house experts that can assist you in the analysis and projected costs of your corporate energy expenses. We can also facilitate any organizations desire to work towards renewables and reduced energy costs. We assist Industries of all shapes and sizes, and can assist your company be an energy leader too!

Pricing Options

We review and analyze the historical data of your company and look at projected costs and growth timelines to assist you in selecting the best short or long-term plan that fits the needs of your company. Contact us to request a quote today.

Future of Energy

Do you and your company have long term plans? We do! We are proud supporters of long-term change in the Energy Industry and are working behind the scenes to make sure that our decisions will always benefit you and your corporate goals. Environmental responsibility is good business, how can we help you plan accordingly?

Photon Energy Corp - Corporate Energy Solutions

Your Partner for Electricity Cost Reduction

Your company has a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a Retail Energy Provider, and we at Photon Energy Corp realize that there is more involved than just a lower rate plan. It is a partnership with long term vision for growth and savings, combined with excellent Customer Service, that will make a difference in the long run.

We are the Experts in the market when it comes to custom solutions. As a customer of Photon Energy Corp, you will be assigned to an in-house specialist who will work with you to make informed decisions about your company’s present usage and future needs. You can always rely on our team for guidance and excellent communication.

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