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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is deregulation and how does it benefit consumers?

A. In Texas, historically, there was only one choice for electricity based on where you lived. Electricity could only be purchased from the local utility. Everything changed in 2002 when a new state law broke apart the old monopolies and separated the delivery of electricity from the supplier of electricity. Now, in much of the state, one company reads the meters and maintains the poles and lines that deliver the electricity, while companies now compete to sell the electricity to consumers like you.

Q. Why should I bother with finding a new Retail Energy Provider?

A. If you are in a deregulated zone, electricity suppliers can compete for both residential and commercial business. The only way to make the system work in your favor is to regularly shop around for a new rate from multiple providers.

Q. How do I know if I am in a deregulated part of the state and eligible to choose a Retail Electric Provider?

A. Contact us at customercare@photonenergycorp.com or call 1.888.336.8128

Q. How does Photon Energy Corp perform better than many of its competitors?

A. We are focused on the Bill Analysis of your organizations electrical consumption, and have specialists who are dedicated to assisting you in lowering your annual costs. We work with you to understand your energy profile, business goals, and risk profile. This allows you to plan your annual costs with confidence, and with our expert knowledge we can deepen your understanding of the market so your organization can make better energy decisions.

Q. Will I still get the same reliable electric service for my organization?

A. Yes. Your local utility provider will still deliver the electricity and read your meter each month. Nothing changes. Existing power lines and meters will stay in place and continue to be maintained by the utility provider.

Q. What will I pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity?

A. The amount you pay per kWh will depend on a few factors because each relationship will be dependent on the individual Energy Analysis we provide. It’s best to contact us at customercare@photonenergycorp.com or call 1-888-336-8128 and speak with one of our customer care specialists.

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